SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION. founded in 2002, is a one stop IT solution house, specializing in Software Development, Web Component Development, Hardware Supply/Services, Networking and Computer Training Center, Data entry/Conversion work located in the prime location of Dhaka City. The company was incorporated as a private limited company and started formal operation on 1st January 2002. Within three months of operation, the start-up has been able to attract a considerable amount of clients, mainly large institutions in the financial sector, RMG and consumer durables. Located in its own spacious and modern premises, SOFTBYTE has the ability to provide latest technologies to clients, including world standard training facility through its advanced lab facilities, competent faculty, and a team of dedicated personnel, trained to offer the best customer service. In order to achieve its primary objective of developing resources and sustaining research and development efforts, SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION. has tied up with RCS Education - a leading IT education provider in India.

Customers span every industry and profession, from multi-national corporations to small business and ranges from highly skilled graphic designers to home users. Regardless of industry or level of expertise, the reason for using our software remains the same: to create and deliver high quality content that conveys a consistent, distinctive image across the web.

Deliver solutions to customers that make their work easier, more efficient and more cost effective. We treat people, as they would like to be treated.

About Us

SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION brings together a broad and highly developed Corporate Portfolio of Management capability. This includes an extensive internal organization, a library of global best-practices and tools/methodologies to assess software development, architect highly scalable solutions, develop strategies to consolidate existing systems, reengineer processes, implement emerging and mobile technologies, and implement high technology solutions.

Why SoftByte IT Solution?

1. Team of Experienced Professionals

We are a committed team of experienced professionals who bring world-class expertise in enterprise software implementation and pervasive software development. Our team consists of developers, architects, project managers and practitioners who have a mix of complex Systems, consolidation and implementation experience.

2. Integrated Information Systems

We fully appreciate the complexity of companies and the maturity of our client's corporate culture. Our work takes into account the client's information systems requirements. Specifically, we attempt to understand the systems that need to be integrated and consider providing close to real-time information, scalability in our solutions, excellent decision support, flexibility for continuous business process improvement, possible shared services, and easier integration via collaboration of multiple vendor alliances.

3. The Extended Software Development (XSD) Model

The key distinction that SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION's Extended Software Development (XSD) Model offers is the blending of a variety of skill sets and abilities seamlessly under a single integrated team structure. The XSD resources complement our skilled resources with significantly lower cost, high-quality, technology-experienced and business analyst resources. Our XSD delivery center covers a broad range of technologies and adheres to the ISO and CMM level standards.

4. Client Business Focus

As a private company, we are committed to deliver excellence for our clients, which in turn drives business growth and prosperity for our people, as well as for you. We have a clear focus on fulfilling your business needs and meeting your goals on time and on budget.

5. Comprehensive Tools and Methodologies

We have a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies for enterprise application implementations and, beyond that we will help deliver a rapid and efficient project. Our commitment to quality and application of appropriate project management and quality assurance measures will help ensure we meet and exceed our client goals. At SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION we adhere to the CMM model of software engineering and our parent organization has attained the ISO 9001 certification.

6. Off Shore Capabilities

SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION has a robust and effective model of Extended Software Development (XSD) that can offer its clients the depth of experience, industry experience, and in-person project guidance that comes from the lower-cost specialization of our offshore group- including a mix of technical and business analyst. We have extensive experience in leveraging XD for numerous clients for IT Software Consulting that includes custom development/maintenance initiatives, pervasive technology solutions as well as package (i.e. PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, etc.) implementation initiatives.

7. Software Development Center

SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION's Software Development Center provides IT with a global capability to reach a critical mass. The Software Development Center is located in the heart of the Capital in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is easily accessible within a 10 minutes drive from the major International Airport. The center is well equipped and designed to help address the needs of SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION's clients worldwide. The center has been set up to strengthen the firm's service delivery capabilities in offering high-quality and cost-effective services to its clients. The goal of the collaboration model is to operate with the client and other vendors within a virtual region. Our clients have presence in Global Markets including the Americas, EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific).

Software Development

Mobile Application Development, Web Component Development,
Hardware Supply/Services

  • 5,120 Mobile Apps
  • 8,192 Software
  • 2,048 Web Development
  • 4,096 Training
  • 1,024 Ecommerce

SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION's Extended Software Development (XSD) model has a powerful "Offsite, Offshore" delivery model which is used to leverage skill sets and abilities in our practice around the globe and from our world-class software development center SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION s recently accomplished client services practice span target verticals including medium sized healthcare organizations, retail banking, mobile telephony carriers, e-business firms and educational institutions. SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION's practice spans across technology consulting at par with leading global consulting firms in the world today, and the firm proudly houses its own world class Software Development Center of Excellence.

Website Development

  • Domain Registration

    The Domain name that identifies an Internet site. Domain Name Registration is the process of registering your Web site address (i.e. with an official Internet registrar.We are offering you a full year registration for a very low price! year registration for just Tk. 800/-.

  • Hosting Solution

    SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION offers virtual server hosting on both the UNIX and Windows platform in USA & Dhaka. Below are some of the many features we offer on both UNIX and Windows virtual server platforms. Unlike most providers, we do not charge extra for the features below. Plans include the features below and more.

  • Mail Services

    SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION has developed plans especially for those customers who are not yet ready for a Web hosting plan, but need domain names and/or email accounts to get their Web sites started. Whatever your Web site requires, we have the solution for you!


SOFTBYTE is formed to create leading edge technological tools catering to business processes across industries in terms of e-solutions. It envisions developing through expertise in the development of such software and thereby creating a sustainable export base and developing Bangladeshi human resources.

Data Conversion

SOFTBYTE IT SOLUTION brings together a broad and highly developed Corporate Portfolio of Management capability. This includes an extensive internal organization, a library of global best-practices and tools/methodologies to assess data conversion and data entry work, architect highly scalable solutions, develop strategies to consolidate existing systems, reengineer processes, implement emerging technologies, and implement high technology solutions.

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